Magswitch switchable hand magnet

With the Magswitch wireless electrically switched hand-held lifting magnet, you can pick up flat and round steel objects up to 35 kg by hand. Light, compact and safe to use. Easily take this hand-held lifting magnet with you everywhere. A push button switches this magnet on or off.

  • For flat and round objects
  • Switching: electric
  • For picking up by hand
  • Lifting power: up to 35 kg
  • Power supply: batteries

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Hand-held lifting magnet application

Wireless, electrically switched hand-held lifting magnets are suitable for lifting flat and round steel objects weighing up to 35 kg.


The permanent hand-held lifting magnets simply turn on or off at the push of a button.

The power supply consists of two rechargeable batteries with sufficient capacity to handle 2,000 switching actions per charge. The magnet remains on when the batteries run low and keep your load secure.

The magnet comes with two rechargeable batteries plus charger.

Magswitch switchable hand magnet | Goudsmit Magnetics


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