Plate & block magnets

Plate & block magnets are cost-effective, robust magnets with a deeply penetrating magnetic field. They are therefore suitable for filtering medium to large ferrous particles from your raw material flows. They can easily be installed in your existing installations. You can hang them suspended over a conveyor belt, attach them to the wall of a product channel, or mount them under a passing product stream.
Plate / block magnets are also the building blocks of our magnetic separator systems for relatively coarse product flows and higher capacities. For example, for our chute magnets, outer pole magnets, cascade magnets, overband magnets and magnetic brooms.

  • Cost-effective and robust
  • Max. holding field 180 mm
  • Capture Fe particles from 30 µm
  • With neodymium or ferrite magnets
  • Manual cleaning (wipe off)

Block magnets

2 products
  • Suspended above flat or trough-shaped conveyor belts.
  • They are used for checking (incoming) product streams, and / or for the protection of equipment (such as shredders and sieves).
  • For recycling purposes this results in a clean raw material stream and an iron fraction that can be reused.


  • When heavy metal contamination is present, it is better to use an overbelt magnet, as it continuously disposes the iron particles.

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