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Magnetic filters for liquids and powders in pressure lines

These magnetic filters can filter small ferrous contaminants - like wear particles - from liquid mixtures and powders in pressure lines up to 10 bar. The filter's powerful neodymium magnetic bars are located in the middle (in-line) of the product flow. This ensures optimal magnetic contact, so even the smallest ferrous particles are optimally removed.
They are used in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, among others. For example in milk powders, melted chocolate, pigments and paints. But e.g. also in the ceramics industry, to prevent the formation of black specks in glazes. In English language they are also known as magnetic trap, magnetic strainers, pipeline magnets or inline magnets.

  • Optimal magnet contact
  • Capture Fe particles from 30 µm
  • Max. 10 bar / 140 °C
  • Types basic/food/pharma
  • With neodymium magnetic bars
Filter products

Filters with industrial design & finish

4 products

These robust filters are easily cleanable, but not especially designed for hygienic applications. Their standard finish is industrial, namely grit blasted Ra 3 µm.


Industrial filters are designed for use in granular or powder flows, liquids, or viscous products such as hot chocolate.


You will find in this range:

  • systems with manual cleaning
  • systems with manual quick-cleaning
  • systems with semi-automatic cleaning

Filters with hygienic design & finish

2 products

These hygienic filters are designed for applications with a risk of bacterial growth, such as certain food and pharmaceutical products. They are very easy to clean because of their rounded, sloping shapes and highly polished finish.


You will find in this range:

  • EHEDG certified types
  • SIP types - Steaming In Place
  • CIP types - Cleaning In Place

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