Demagnetization tunnels

Tunnels - demagnetizing coils - demagnetize long or packaged products. But also steel objects with irregular surfaces. For both thin-walled and solid products.
For example, pipes, shafts, drill bits, gears, dies or fasteners.

Available with conveyor belt or roller conveyor for automated demagnetizing processes.

  • Round / rectangular / square
  • High or low frequency
  • Available with conveyor system

High frequency

3 products

High-frequency tunnels demagnetize thin wall steel products at a frequency of 50/60 Hz.



  • pipes
  • gears
  • nuts and bolts
  • steel blasting grit for blast cleaning
  • drill bits

You can connect these directly to the mains power.

Low frequency

3 products

Low-frequency tunnels are required for thick-walled, hardened steel or solid products, and require a special control box.



  • rails
  • shafts
  • dies
  • multiple products packaged together

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