Magnetic head pulleys

Placement in existing conveyor belt systems, in the bulk transshipment or recycling industries for example. Suitable for separating difficult shapes and weakly magnetic particles. Continuous discharge of ferrous particles. Also available as a complete system.

  • Cost-effective and robust
  • With neodymium or ferrite magnets
  • Continuous automatic cleaning
  • For belt width 400-2000 mm
  • Capture Fe and weakly magnetic particles

Magnetic head pulleys

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Goudsmit can deliver magnetic pulleys as an add-on/build-in roller for an existing installation or we can deliver complete plug and play systems.


Magnetic head pulleys for installation:

These magnetic rollers come in different magnetic field strengths, diameters, working widths or shaft types in order to fit your requirements.


Magnetic head pulley systems:

These systems are fully equipped in order to adjust everything for the best separation. Make use of the many options to create the best separator for your product flow.

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