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We’re Goudsmit. We design and build industrial magnetic systems and high-tech magnetic components. Qualified to ISO9001, ISO 14001, IATF16949, AS9120, our magnets and magnet assemblies meet your specifications and the highest quality standards.

More than 60 years of knowledge and experience

We design and build high-tech magnet components and industrial magnet systems. We supply these systems worldwide to the food, automotive, recycling, metal, pharmaceutical, offshore, chemical, high-tech, and aerospace industries.

About us

We operate across many industries, supplying magnets and magnetic systems into various applications. See how our magnetic solutions increase the efficiency of your application.

News & events
Degaussing a pipeline
  • Article
  • Metalware & demagnetization
Demagnetizing prevents costly problems

In the film 'Demagnetization'  Goudsmit shows how they can remove residual magnetism from materials in order to m...

Warning for magnetic field | Goudsmit Magnetics
  • Article
  • Metalware & demagnetization
Working safely with magnets

Many people underestimate the power of magnets. They look harmless but are very strong and can cause serious injuries if used...

Magnetic tube metal contaminants separator | Goudsmit Magnetics
  • Article
  • Food
Magnetic filtering in the food industry

The consequences of foreign bodies in food production processes are often incalculable; they range from machine damage and pro...

Magnet inspection on magnetic bars | Goudsmit Magnetics
  • Article
  • Food
Food industry: why do you have to measure ...

We received a request from a French company that makes nougat. (The wonderful Nougat de Montélimar!) They wanted to hav...

Rotating Cleanflow magnetic separator for continuous bulk processes | Goudsmit Magnetics
  • Article
  • Non-food
Rotating magnet cleans powder and granulat...

The rotating Cleanflow magnetic separator separates metal particles from 30 µm from powders and granulates and is suitab...

Permanent magnets for drives and engines | Goudsmit Magnetics
  • Article
  • Automotive
Magnets for cars and motors

Magnets are present in various places in cars: in the gearbox, sensors, brakes, water pump, motors, ignition coil and starter ...

FEM calculations and simulations | Goudsmit Magnetics
  • Article
  • Food
FEM calculations prove magnetic force

With the recently purchased software for magnetic calculations, Martijn Leskens, R&D engineer at Goudsmit Magnetics, uses ...

Permanent ripper overband magnet | Goudsmit Magnetics
  • Article
  • Recycling
Permanent overband magnet performs as elec...

We have recently developed a permanent overband magnet with a strong, deeply penetrating magnetic field. The magnet attracts a...

Degaussing helipad service on location | Goudsmit Magnetics
  • Article
  • Aerospace
Goudsmit demagnetizes helipad with new sys...

Our demagnetization expert Ger recently demagnetized a helipad in Germany. This was necessary because the compasses of the hel...

High gradient magnet separator for food | Goudsmit Magnetics
  • Article
  • Food
Magnetic separator for chocolate flakes

We received a request from a producer of chocolate garnish for cakes, biscuits and yoghurt. The garnish is in the form of chip...

Pintuition with magnet for surgical tumours | Goudsmit Magnetics
  • Article
  • High tech
Magnet determines exact location of tumour...

Sirius Medical, located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, launches a non-radioactive localization system for the improveme...

  • Article
Magnetic separator for large product flows...

The automatically cleanable ‘Easy Clean flow’ magnetic separator removes metal particles and weakly magnetic stain...

Fail safe magnetic sheet separator | Goudsmit Magnetics
  • Article
  • Sheet metal
Safe separation of steel sheets with fail ...

Goudsmit's recently developed 'Fail Safe' magnetic sheet separator automatically separates steel sh...

Magnetic gripper for robot end of arm tooling | Goudsmit Magnetics
  • Article
  • Industrial automation
Magnetic gripper for robot-end-of-arm tool...

The recently improved magnetic gripper from Goudsmit Magnetics is used for the automated pick-up, placement or positioning of ...

Inline magnet filter for chocolate | Goudsmit Magnetics
  • Article
  • Food
Heated magnetic filter removes iron partic...

Double-walled magnetic filters from Goudsmit remove tiny iron particles as small as 30 µm from liquid chocolate. Heating...

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