Pot magnets, versatile in fastening and mounting

Pot magnets

Pot magnets are strong, compact and versatile fasteners that serve to quickly and easily secure, position, clamp, hang or close metal objects, such as doors, lettering, tools or machine parts. All this without drilling or screwing and easily movable!

Pot magnets have a steel housing that ensures that the magnetic field radiates in one direction while protecting the magnet from demagnetisation. This construction makes the pot magnet super strong. Such magnets find their application in industrial, commercial, and household applications. 


What are pot magnets made of?

Pot magnets are made up of three main components:

- A permanent magnet: made of Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB), Samarium Cobalt (SmCo), or ceramic (ferrite) material.

- A steel housing: which serves as the outer jacket and provides a strong, durable structure for the magnet. The steel housing short-circuits the magnetic circuit, thus directing the magnetic force in one direction. It is important here that the pot magnet is fully connected to the ferromagnetic counterpiece.

- A protective coating: both magnet and steel housing are coated with nickel, zinc or epoxy to protect against corrosion, chemicals and wear. A rubber coating is also possible; it has an anti-slip function and keeps surfaces scratch-free.  

Both magnet type and coating depend on the final application, as does the fastening method: a threaded rod, threaded bushing or countersunk hole. The possibilities with pot magnets are endless.


Do you have a possible application but are unsure about selecting the right pot magnet? Our experts will be happy to help you with tailor-made advice.


In short:

Do you want to hold, clamp or position in metal objects in machinery or equipment or do you want to hang or fasten something in industrial applications? Then the pot magnet is the designated tool that can help you do just that!

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