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Lifting magnets

Magnets for lifting and hoisting allow you to manually or automatically pick up steel products. All types are manually or electrically switchable. Do you want to lift heavy workpieces or pick up products manually? Our magnet systems provide optimal safety in all conditions.

  • For tackle or manually
  • Electrical or manually switchable
  • Lifting power: up to 1000 kg
  • Permanent or electromagnets
  • Suitable for all shapes and sizes
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Lifting & hoisting magnets

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Lifting magnets serve to move and position steel workpieces of various shapes and lengths, quickly and without damage.


Magnetic lifting saves you valuable storage space and time.

It is a safe alternative to slings, chains or clamps.

Hand magnets

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For manually picking up of small steel objects of limited weight.


Hand held lifting magnets eliminate the need to touch hot, sharp or dirty steel.


Ideal for repetitive pick-and-place operations.

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