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Eddy current separators

Eddy current separators remove non-ferrous metal particles, such as copper and aluminium, in a continuous process. For the recovery, recycling or removal of metals.

  • For belt width 600-2000 mm
  • 12, 22HI or 38HI -pole eddy current magnet roller
  • Combined ferrous and non ferrous separation possible
  • Eccentric adjustable magnetic field
  • Very high magnetic force on belt surface
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Non ferrous metal separators

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Goudsmit Eddy current separators are robustly built, including a magnetic rotor with an eccentric design. This has a number of advantages over centric systems:


Adjustable magnetic field:

The magnetic rotor is internally adjustable: this influences the moment of launching of the non-ferrous metals. For more information about machine adjustment, please contact our application specialists.


Prevent shell damage:

Concentric systems suffer from so-called ‘burn in’. This occurs when the product stream still contains iron or ferrous parts that end up under the conveyor belt. The eddy currents heat up these magnetic parts and they burn through the protective jacket. That results in permanent damage. Eccentric systems (almost) do not, because not the entire circumference of the roller is magnetic.

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