Our service engineers ensure that the magnet systems delivered worldwide continue to perform optimally. Whether magnet inspections to maintain your certification, commissioning installations or removing undesired magnetism: they are there for you.
Our experts carry out tests on magnets and magnet systems both at your location and at the test centre. They also make 2D and 3D magnet calculations. This ensures the very best magnetic performance for you and us.

Goudsmit services

The Goudsmit Magnetics service department ensures continuous optimal operation of the magnet systems delivered around the world. This includes commissioning delivered systems as well as magnet inspections, both for ensuring the quality of the products and for obtaining or retaining quality certificates. We also remove undesirable magnetism from equipment and tools. This can all be done on-site, so we are happy to come to you if you prefer.

In the test centre at our headquarters in Waalre (NL) our experts will help you test your products on the fully operational magnet systems we have available there. This is the best way to determine the optimal solution for your process.

Our engineers are experts in performing magnet calculations, which we use to develop magnet systems with optimal magnetic characteristics. We also use this knowledge to perform 2D or 3D magnet calculations for third parties.

Summing up: what services does Goudsmit offer?

On-site magnet inspections

On-site demagnetization

3D magnetic calculations

Testing of products

We can also be of service to you for:

  • placing and installing new products
  • configuring the controller
  • repairs
  • maintenance and replacement of parts
  • supplying spare parts

All these services can also be provided on-site.