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Cleanflows - semi-automatic cleaning - Static

These new 'EasyClean' Cleanflows have the great advantage that you do not have to lift the magnetic grid out to clean it. Instead, you drive the grid out over a robust side guiding, after which the magnet bars automatically clean themselves of caught ferrous particles. Equipped with robust Ø50mm magnetic bars, measuring no less than 12,000 gauss at the contact surface of the bars. Suitable for magnetically removing ferrous and even weakly magnetic contaminants from high-capacity granulate and powder flows in free-fall and low-pressure transport pipes up to 2 bar.

  • Semi-automatic cleaning
  • Magnetic bars in pneumatic tube (Ø52 mm, 12,000 gauss)
  • Capture Fe and weakly magnetic particles
  • Pressure-tight up to 2 bar
  • ATEX II 1/2 D
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Basic finish - Square • Ø52 mm super strong, robust magnet bars
• Magnet quality: neodymium N52, Br 14,800 gauss
• Industrial finish = grit blasted Ra 3 µm

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Product variant

Product inlet size : #200 mm

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Article number E0063099
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Max. capacity 30 m³/h
Weight 28 kg
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Product variant

Product inlet size : #300 mm

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Article number E0062793
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Max. capacity 65 m³/h
Weight 45 kg
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Product variant

Product inlet size : #400 mm

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Article number E0063090
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Max. capacity 120 m³/h
Weight 60 kg
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High capacity powders & granulates in lines up to 2 bar

The thick, Ø50 mm magnetic bars provide a very high separation yield, have a deep holding field and a high flux density. This ensures that not only ferromagnetic, but even weakly magnetic contaminants are captured, like grade 316 stainless steel wear particles.


The large distance between the bars results in these Easy Cleanflows having a significant higher capacity than Cleanflows with thinner bars, which is also beneficial when it comes to somewhat less well flowing powders.


Suitable for granulates and reasonably to well flowing powders in free-fall and low-pressure transport pipes up to 2 bar.


NOT suitable for poorly flowing sticky / fatty powders that cause blockages. Rotating Cleanflows are a better solution for those applications.

Cleanflow magnetic separator SECE (easy clean) - semi-automatic cleaning | Goudsmit Magnetics

Construction & materials data

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Short description

These semi-automatic cleaning Cleanflow magnets contain 1 magnetic grid with Ø50 mm very robust magnetic bars in super strong magnet quality N52, resulting in optimal capturing of ferrous particles.


In case of hard to catch - very small or weak magnetic - particles, we mount a deflector grid at the separator inlet to make sure that all particles will touch or very closely pass the bars.


The magnetic bars are sealed stainless steel tubes inside of which the magnets are blown in and out by pneumatic force.


Summary of important specifications

  • 1 Magnetic grid with Ø50 mm robust, pneumatic operated magnetic bars.
  • Optional deflector grid for forcing the product flow towards the magnetic bars.
  • Magnet quality neodymium N-52, f12,000 gauss on the tube.
  • Pressure-tight up to 2 bar.
  • Material housing: AISI316(L).
  • Finish: grit blasted.
  • Material gaskets: Silicone EC1935 /FDA.

Cleanflow drawer magnet SECE (easy clean) - semi-automatic cleaning | Goudsmit Magnetics

Available accessories & options

Online accessories & spare parts

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Default available options

  • Inlet/outlet adapter pieces from square to round
  • High temperatures versions - to 140°C - not available in combination with ATEX
  • Removable collecting tray - for collecting discharged ferrous particles
  • Door sensor - for detecting if the separator is closed
  • Deflector grid - for deflecting the product flow towards the magnet bars
  • Detection switch - for detecting if magnets are in / out
  • Surface finish polishing or wet blasting - for hygienic applications
  • Flange gaskets Silicone VMQ or NBR, neutral colour, all EC1935/2004 certified
  • Alternative for red silicone VMQ housing/magnet bar gasket ring: white Silicone or blue NBR70 - all versions are EC1935/2004 certified
  • Thin-walled tubes - 0.7 mm instead of 1.2 mm - over the magnetic bars, for enabling catching of weakly-magnetic particles like stainless steel

Options for SECE EasyClean Cleanflow magnetic separator | Goudsmit Magnetics

Filtering & discharging of ferrous impurities

How does the magnetic filtering work?

The magnetic grid with very strong neodymium magnetic bars is positioned in the middle of the product flow. The product contaminated with ferrous particles passes the magnetic bars while flowing through the grid.


If necessary, an optional deflector grid ensures that the product flow cannot fall freely between the magnetic bars, but is guided towards them.


The magnets attract passing ferromagnetic contaminants, such as iron / steel / stainless steel wear particles. Once particles are captured they stick to the magnets, while the purified product flows further.


How does the cleaning / iron discharging work?

Each magnetic bar has a magnet package that pneumatically moves inside a closed tube, this way enabling automatic discharge of trapped ferrous particles.


After the product flow has been stopped, the manual locks can be opened, after which the magnet unit must be pulled out of the product channel manually over the side guides.


As soon as you pull out the magnet unit to its end of reach, air pressure automatically pushes the magnets out one stage further outside within their enclosing tubes.


The moving magnets in the tubes pull the captured ferrous particles along outside. However, they are stopped by a plate halfway the tube length. As soon as the magnets have traveled completely out, the captured particles drop off the tubes, into the iron discharge chute, where you collect and further discharge them.


Cleaning / iron discharging sequence

  1. Stop the product flow.
  2. Loosen the fastener - annex handles.
  3. Pull the magnet unit by the handles - over the side guides - completely out of the device.
    In this extreme position, the magnets in the tubes automatically slide out, after which the captured metal particles automatically fall off the tubes. Collect and discharge the falling metal particles.
  4. Push the complete magnet unit back into the product channel.
    While you push back the magnet unit, the magnets inside the tubes are automatically also moved back IN.
  5. Tighten the fasteners.
  6. Production can now safely be resumed.


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Animation of working principle; explains the design, shows how the magnetic particles are caught and how the device can be cleaned of these caught particles

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