Demagnetizing prevents costly problems

Degaussing a pipeline on location | Goudsmit Magnetics

In the film 'Demagnetization' Goudsmit shows how they can remove residual magnetism from materials in order to make processing possible and prevent problems. This can be done by purchasing equipment, such as demagnetization tunnels and tables, but also as a service from your location. 

By demagnetizing materials, you prevent nasty consequences during production, such as:

  • Products sticking together in a mould
  • A rough surface after galvanization
  • Problems during welding
  • Welds that only penetrate on one side
  • Increased bearing wear
  • Metal chips that stick to parts or tools
  • Measuring errors on actuators and magnetic sensor
  • Failure and waiting times at automatic machining stations due to adhering materials
  • Imperfections and thickness differences during electro galvanization or chrome plating
  • Adherence of extra dirt and dust.

In a nutshell, then, undesired residual magnetism costs time and money and has a negative impact on the quality of finished products. Demagnetizing prevents this.

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