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Short description

The gaussmeter/teslameter measures the local flux density, of a surface for example. The measurements can be displayed in units of tesla, gauss, kA/m or oersted.

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  • Measures strength of magnetic field
  • Very accurate
  • Readout in various units
  • Various functions
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Gauss meter / teslameter WH
  • Gauss meter / teslameter
  • Gauss meter / teslameter in suitcase
  • Gauss meter / teslameter 3 Axis
  • Gauss meter / teslameter suitcase

Detailed product description


With a gaussmeter (teslameter or magnetometer) it is possible to measure the local (at the surface) magnetic flux density in the units tesla, gauss, kA/m or oersted. For magnet inspections on location please click here.


Measurements with the gaussmeter use the Hall Effect to perform measurements. The sensor detects the magnetic flux density perpendicular to the sensor surface. The magnetic field generates an output voltage in the sensor that is proportional to the product of the magnetic field and the induced current. For higher magnetic field strengths this relationship is no longer linear, but this is compensated for automatically in the device.




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Gaussmeter_Teslameter_in_suitcase.jpgMore informationRequest an offerHG09
Gaussmeter_Teslameter_65-0000067-suitcase.jpgMore informationRequest an offer3-Axis VGM