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Short description

Suitable for use in applications with large quantities of metal contamination and where operator access is impossible. For poorly flowing (e.g. fatty) powders and granulates. Automatic cleaning, with production stop.

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  • Rotor with magnetic bars
  • Automatic cleaning, discontinuous
  • Max. capacity 40 - 60 m³/h
  • Dust-proof
  • ATEX II 3D
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Cleanflows automatic discontinuously cleaning - Dust-proof - Rotating SRCD 3D
  • Cleanflows automatic discontinuously cleaning - Dust-proof - Rotating brush
  • Cleanflows automatic discontinuously cleaning - Dust-proof - Rotating In use
  • Cleanflows automatic discontinuously cleaning - Dust-proof - Rotating 3 wh

Detailed product description


The rotating, automatically cleaned Cleanflow/drawer magnets are very suitable for poorly flowing and/or fatty powders with a relatively large amount of metal particles and for less easily accessible configurations.


These rotating Cleanflow magnets have multiple magnetic bars mounted in a rotor. These rotors consist of sealed stainless steel tubes inside of which a magnet bundle moves up and down. This type is made completely dust-tight.


The automatically cleaned Cleanflows have magnetic bars that move in a sealed tube and the captured iron (Fe) is discharged fully automatically. During this cycle, magnetic bars are pneumatically pushed to the OUT position after which the captured Fe particles fall into the tubes.

Automatic disposal of ferromagnetic parts - production must stop during cleaning. Magnets bars are automatically blown out of the product channel inside their enclosing pneumatic tubes, thereby loosening the caught ferrous particles in the product channel. Therefore, a valve box or drawer should always be mounted under the Cleanflow.


Valve box
Product inlet/outlet size
Max. capacity



  • suitable for high temperatures (to 120°C) - not available in combination with ATEX
  • integrated valve box for Fe-parts disposal