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Short description

For magnetic filtration of small quantities of metal contamination from poorly flowing (e.g. fatty) powders in non-pressurized pipes. Manual cleaning (quick cleaning).

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  • 1 or 2 rotors with magnetic bars
  • Manual quick cleaning
  • Capacity 9 - 45 m³/h
  • Types basic/food/pharma
  • ATEX II 1/2 D possible
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Cleanflows manual cleaning - Rotating SCR
  • Cleanflows manual cleaning - Rotating food
  • Cleanflows manual cleaning - Rotating brush
  • Cleanflows manual cleaning - Rotating double

Detailed product description


The 'Cleanflow' rotating magnetic separators (drawer magnets) are specially suited for poorly flowing powders, because the rotation prevents bridging and blockages or clogging (see also 'Working principle').

The 'Basic' type is for non-food applications; the 'Food‘ types and 'Pharma' types are suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Types / finishes

All types are designed to be dust explosion-proof and certified to ATEX Ex II 1/2D (with the exception of some 'Basic' types).

Basic (non-food) blasted version

Basic (non-food) - blasted housing

Food version - polished

Food - polished housing

Hydroform version - polished

Hydroformed extra-high performance version - polished housing


  • multiple magnetic bars mounted in a rotor;
  • removable rotor on a shaft (driven by an electric motor);
  • AISI316 rotor and shaft mounted in a welded, fully stainless steel (AISI316) housing;
  • door, with robust hinge and a sturdy silicone 'food safe' (EC1935/2004 and FDA) door gasket (in a retaining groove in the door), that is held shut with quick-release clamps;
  • a Steute door safety switch monitors whether the door is closed and switches the motor on/off when the door is closed/opened;
  • magnets 'quick cleaning': the magnetic bars are pushed into enclosing tubes so that iron contaminants adhere to these tubes and not directly on the magnetic bars; this reduces wear of the magnets and makes them easier to clean (see 'Cleaning').
Cleanflow rotating magnetic separator construction

Working principle

The product contaminated with pieces of metal passes one or more strong neodymium magnetic bars.

The magnets attract ferromagnetic metal contaminants the pieces of metal stick to the magnets, while the remainder of the material continues to flow.

Because the magnetic bars rotate in the housing, the product continuously falls off of the bars. This prevents 'bridging', product accumulation and ultimately blockages. Moreover, the magnetic capture capacity remains optimal, because the magnetic bars remain clean.


Cleaning sequence:

  1. stop the product stream;
  2. slide the magnetic rotor out of the unit;
  3. place the rotor on a clean, sturdy, non-magnetic surface;
  4. pull the magnetic bars completely out of the extractor;
    the iron now falls off of the extractor tubes
  5. put everything back together in the reverse order;
  6. start the product stream.

Option: extractor cleaner

Goudsmit has developed a cleaning tool for thorough – and damage-free – cleaning of the magnet unit: the 'extractor cleaner'. These can be ordered as an option. You can see how it works in the pictures below:

Cleaning tool without rotor

Extractor cleaner with stub shaft, handle and catch tray.

Cleaning tool with rotor

1. Slide the complete magnetic rotor over the shaft.

2. Secure the rotor by turning it a quarter turn to the left with the quick-release handle..

3. Pull the extractor cleaner handle forward.

Cleaning tool with half extended rotor

4. Pull the magnet section further out of the rotor (iron falls off of the tubes).

Cleaning tool with extended rotor on support

5. Put the magnet section safely aside on the support.

6. Empty the catch tray.


In-/outlet shape
Max. capacity
No of bars


PriceStockArticle numberProduct keyTypeATEXIn-/outlet shapeSizeMax. capacityNo of bars
SECR-B-2020-6E--N-NA-F1m-B-B_SCRA2020011_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-2020-06E-N-NA-F1m-B-BBasic-Square200 mm9 m³/h6
SECR-B-3030-8E-N-NA-F1m-B-B_SCRA3030011_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-3030-08E-N-NA-F1m-B-BBasic-Square300 mm24 m³/h8
SECR-B-3030-12E-N-NA-F1m-B-B_SCRA3030021_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-3030-12E-N-NA-F1m-B-BBasic-Square300 mm18 m³/h12
SECR-B-5230-2x8E-N-NA-F1m-B-B_SCRA5230011_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-5230-16E-N-NA-F1m-B-BBasic-Rectangular520x300 mm45 m³/h2x8
SECR-B-5230-2x12E-N-NA-F1m-B-B_SCRA5230021_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-5230-24E-N-NA-F1m-B-BBasic-Rectangular520x300 mm36 m³/h2x12
SECR-B-2020-6E-N-Ex-F1m-B-B_SCRA2020012_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-2020-06E-N-Ex-F1m-B-BBasicEx II 1/2 DSquare200 mm9 m³/h6
SECR-B-3030-8E-N-Ex-F1m-B-B_SCRA3030012_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-3030-08E-N-Ex-F1m-B-BBasicEx II 1/2 DSquare300 mm24 m³/h8
SECR-B-3030-12E-N-Ex-F1m-B-B_SCRA3030022_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-3030-12E-N-Ex-F1m-B-BBasicEx II 1/2 DSquare300 mm18 m³/h12
SECR-B-5230-2x8E-N-Ex-F1m-B-B_SCRA5230012_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-5230-16E-N-Ex-F1m-B-BBasicEx II 1/2 DRectangular520x300 mm45 m³/h2x8
SECR-B-5230-2x12E-N-Ex-F1m-B-B_SCRA5230022_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-5230-24E-N-Ex-F1m-B-BBasicEx II 1/2 DRectangular520x300 mm36 m³/h2x12
SECR-F-2020-6E-N-NA-F5M-B-B_SCRB2020011_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-2020-06E-N-NA-F5m-B-BFood-Square200 mm9 m³/h6
SECR-F-3030-8E-N-NA-F5M-B-B_SCRB3030011_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-3030-08E-N-NA-F5m-B-BFood-Square300 mm24 m³/h8
SECR-F-3030-12E-N-NA-F5M-B-B_SCRB3030021_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-3030-12E-N-NA-F5m-B-BFood-Square300 mm18 m³/h12
SECR-F-5230-16E-N-NA-F5M-S-B_SCRB5230011_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-5230-16E-N-NA-F5m-B-BFood-Rectangular520x300 mm45 m³/h2x8
SECR-F-5230-24E-N-NA-F5M-B-B_SCRB5230021_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-5230-24E-N-NA-F5m-B-BFood-Rectangular520x300 mm36 m³/h2x12
SECR-F-2020-6E-N-Ex-F5M-B-B_SCRB2020012_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-2020-06E-N-Ex-F5m-B-BFoodEx II 1/2 DSquare200 mm9 m³/h6
SECR-F-3030-8E-N-Ex-F5M-B-B_SCRB3030012_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-3030-08E-N-Ex-F5m-B-BFoodEx II 1/2 DSquare300 mm24 m³/h8
SECR-F-3030-12E-N-Ex-F5M-B-B_SCRB3030022_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-3030-12E-N-Ex-F5m-B-BFoodEx II 1/2 DSquare300 mm18 m³/h12
SECR-F-5230-16E-N-Ex-F5M-B-B_SCRB5230012_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-5230-16E-N-Ex-F5m-B-BFoodEx II 1/2 DRectangular520x300 mm45 m³/h2x8
SECR-F-5230-24E-N-Ex-F5M-B-B_SCRB5230022_1200x900.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-B-5230-24E-N-Ex-F5m-B-BFoodEx II 1/2 DRectangular520x300 mm36 m³/h2x12
SECR-H-D150-06E-N-Ex-F5T-B-B_E0090836.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSECR-H-D150-06E-N-Ex-F5T-B-BPharmaEx II 1/2 DRound150 mm10 m³/h6



  • suitable for high temperatures (to 140°C) - not available in combination with ATEX
  • extra strong magnets
  • white door seal (instead of red)
  • interface signals: Analogue contact for connection of PTC resistor

Pharma type:

  • counter-flanges