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Short description

For magnetic filtration of small quantities of metal contamination from poorly flowing (e.g. fatty) powders in non-pressurized pipes. EHEDG certified. Semi-automatic cleaning.

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  • Rotor with magnetic bars
  • Semi-automatic cleaning
  • Max. capacity 24 m³/h
  • Hydroformed housing
  • Atex II 1/3 GD
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Detailed product description


The rotating Cleanflow magnetic separators (drawer magnets) are specially suited for poorly flowing powders, because the rotation prevents bridging and blockages and/or clogging (see also 'Working principle').

The 'Hydrohansu' type is EHEDG-certified and thus meets the most stringent requirements in the pharmaceutical and food industries. It has a smoothly polished hydroformed housing and has no horizontal surfaces or sharp/dead corners.

The Hydrohansu magnet is cleaned semi-automatically: after the magnetic rotor is manually retracted from the product channel over a guide, the magnets are cleaned automatically.


  • multiple magnetic bars mounted in a rotor;

  • rotor with sealed stainless steel tubes in which a magnet bundle pneumatically moves up and down;

  • the entire rotor – including the drive motor – can be slid out over a robust guide;

    the magnets automatically (pneumatically) move to their cleaning position as soon as the rotor has been pulled out completely

  • AISI316 rotor mounted in hydroformed, completely smooth, polished stainless steel (AISI316) housing;

  • seal with sturdy silicone 'Food safe' (EC1935/2004 and FDA) door gasket clamped between the housing and the door by robust, hygienic quick-release clamps;

  • a Schmersal safety switch monitors whether the separator is closed and switches the motor on/off when the door is closed/opened;

  • detection switches check for the presence of the magnets in the product channel so that production can be started again safely after a cleaning cycle.

Hydrohansu Cleanflow rotating magnetic separator construction

Working principle

The product contaminated with pieces of metal passes multiple strong neodymium (Nd-Fe-B) magnetic bars.

The magnets attract ferromagnetic metal contaminants the pieces of metal stick to the magnets, while the remainder of the material continues to flow.

Because the magnetic bars rotate in the housing, the product continuously falls off of the bars. This prevents 'bridging', product accumulation and ultimately blockages. Moreover, the magnetic capture capacity remains optimal, because the magnetic bars remain clean.


Cleaning sequence:

  1. stop the product stream;
  2. grasp the grip and pull the drum / magnetic rotor out of the unit;
  3. rotate the drum 90 degrees anti-clockwise and secure it with the locking pin;
    in this extreme position the magnets in the tubes slide automatically to the outside so that the captured metal particles automatically drop off of the tubes
  4. rotate the drum back into position and push the rotor back against the hydroformed housing;
  5. restart the product stream.
Cleaning of Hydrohansu Cleanflow rotating magnetic separator


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  • suitable for high temperatures (to 140°C) - not available in combination with ATEX
  • counter-flanges