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Short description

Powerful and compact. For dry or wet use; also suitable for the food industry.

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  • Magnet quality GSN35 (Br 11200 gauss)
  • Capture Fe particles from 30 µm
  • Manual cleaning
  • Max. temp. 60 °C
  • Completely stainless steel and watertight
  • Max. holding field 180 mm
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Detailed product description


Neodymium magnetic plates are extremely powerful, compact and lightweight. They are used when ferromagnetic (Fe) particles smaller than 3 mm must be separated. Completely stainless steel and watertight. Suitable for the food industry.


Overbelt placement or installation in/against a free-fall line. For placement in a free-fall line Goudsmit also supplies mounting plates (see also chute magnets). This makes dustproof mounting possible and makes them easy to clean.

Choice of type

If the product comes in direct contact with the magnet, we recommend type 3; this has an extremely high field strength at the magnet yet a compact field, which also makes it ideal for capturing weakly magnetic particles, such as stainless steel scrapings. Type 2 was developed for overbelt placement or installation in a free-fall line with mounting plate.
If you are considering overbelt placement, keep in mind that the construction directly beneath the magnet must be made of non-magnetic material.


Cleaning of the plate magnet is performed manually (by wiping) or through use of an extractor plate (quick cleaning), by swinging the extractor plate away from the magnet; the Fe particles fall off of the extractor plate as soon as they are moved far enough away from the magnet.


Advised max. installation height


PriceStockArticle numberProduct keyTypeAdvised max. installation heightLength
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-114x34-0150-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-114x34-0150-B-F1MVMN665-80 mm150 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-114x34-0200-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-114x34-0200-B-F1MVMN665-80 mm200 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-114x34-0250-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-114x34-0250-B-F1MVMN665-80 mm250 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-114x34-0300-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-114x34-0300-B-F1MVMN665-80 mm300 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-114x34-0350-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-114x34-0350-B-F1MVMN665-80 mm350 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-114x34-0400-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-114x34-0400-B-F1MVMN665-80 mm400 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-114x34-0500-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-114x34-0500-B-F1MVMN665-80 mm500 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-204x55-0150-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-204x55-0150-B-F1MVMN2120-180 mm150 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-204x55-0200-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-204x55-0200-B-F1MVMN2120-180 mm200 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-204x55-0250-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-204x55-0250-B-F1MVMN2120-180 mm250 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-204x55-0300-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-204x55-0300-B-F1MVMN2120-180 mm300 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-204x55-0350-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-204x55-0350-B-F1MVMN2120-180 mm350 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-204x55-0400-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-204x55-0400-B-F1MVMN2120-180 mm400 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-204x55-0500-B-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-204x55-0500-B-F1MVMN2120-180 mm500 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-158x32-0150-F-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-158x32-0150-F-F1MVMN3 (with flange)- (n/a) mm210 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-158x32-0200-F-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-158x32-0200-F-F1MVMN3 (with flange)- (n/a) mm260 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-158x32-0250-F-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-158x32-0250-F-F1MVMN3 (with flange)- (n/a) mm310 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-158x32-0300-F-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-158x32-0300-F-F1MVMN3 (with flange)- (n/a) mm360 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-158x32-0350-F-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-158x32-0350-F-F1MVMN3 (with flange)- (n/a) mm410 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-158x32-0400-F-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-158x32-0400-F-F1MVMN3 (with flange)- (n/a) mm460 mm
Plate_magnet_SVM-N-158x32-0500-F-F1M.jpgMore informationRequest an offerSVM-N-158x32-0500-F-F1MVMN3 (with flange)- (n/a) mm560 mm


  • hinge
  • mounting plate