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Short description

These lifting magnets are suitable for lifting heavy ferromagnetic objects. Application: automated transport of steel loads, machine parts or work pieces.

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  • Flat, heavy objects >10 mm thick
  • Max. lifting power: up to 15,000 kg
  • Electromagnet
  • Switching: automatic
  • Power supply: electric
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Electromagnetic lifters for thick plates square
Electromagnetic lifters for thick plates lifting bar
Electromagnetic lifters for thick plates

Detailed product description


These electromagnetic lifters for thick plates are most often used for lifting heavy ferromagnetic objects with a thickness of 10 mm or greater.
The deep magnetic field ensures a good grip even when there is a slight air gap.

Advantages of electromagnetic lifting magnet:

  • ideal for lifting objects from 10 mm thick;
  • various options available via the controller;
  • can be operated remotely;
  • tremendous lifting power.

Tip function

A tip function (see explanation of electromagnetic lifters for thin sheets) can be added to the controller to prevent multiple sheets from being picked up simultaneously.

Various factors must be considered in order to choose the right system:

  • the configuration and purpose of the crane;
  • the design of the traverse;
  • the shape and surface of the material to be lifted;

All these factors must be balanced against each other to obtain a lifting system that works well. We are happy to offer advice.

Switching/power supply

Electrical switching and the power supply are provided via a control box.


Max. working load
Dimension lifting surface