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Short description

These diabolic magnetic conveyor rollers have been specially developed for transporting steel pipes/tubes.

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  • Diabolic rollers with ferrite magnet
  • For tubes/pipes up to Ø220 mm
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Diabolic rollers (magnetic conveyors for tubes) white background
Diabolic rollers (magnetic conveyors for tubes)

Detailed product description

Magnetic diabolic rollers are suitable for transporting ferromagnetic pipes/tubes with diameters up to 220 mm.
When handling shafts and profiles the round shape reduces the magnet contact area. To increase this contact area the magnetic rollers are trough shaped and can be fitted with custom-made pole plates. This results in optimal magnetic contact, and the shaft always lies stable in the magnet.

If the length of the shaft or the profile is longer than approximately 1.5 metres you should always use multiple magnets. This prevents swaying on the crane and improves safety.


Specific application


PriceStockArticle numberArticle numberSpecific applicationDiameter
Diabolic_roller_TRBD210001_D210xd30x110.jpgMore informationRequest an offerTRBD210001For tubes up to Ø150 mm210 mm
Diabolic_roller_TRBD270001_D270xd50x170.jpgMore informationRequest an offerTRBD270001For tubes up to Ø220 mm270 mm