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Manual magnetic lifters for flat & round objects - 900 N - 10 mm - 75x52 mm

Article number MS-8100089
Product key HMS-MLAY600 LIFT MAGNET-50MM
Delivery time (if not in stock) 6-8 weeks
Switching / power supply Manual
Including Lifting bracket
Max. working load 900 N
(under ideal conditions - with safety factor 3 acc. EN13155)
Max. tear off force 2700 N
(under ideal conditions - factors influencing lifting capacity: see lifting magnets)
Min. advised sheet thickness 10 mm
Dimension lifting surface 75x52 mm
Interface/connection dim's Threaded hole M6 (12x)
Colour Yellow / - (not painted)
Min./max. ambient temperature -20 to 50 °C
Magnetic system Permanent Neoflux® magnet - manually switched
Length 106 mm
Width 52 mm
Height 183 mm
Weight 2,0 kg