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Overband magnetic separator


An overband magnetic separator (overbelt magnet) is suitable for the continuous removal of ferromagnetic (Fe) particles – such as iron or steel – from material streams containing a relatively large amount of Fe. The effectiveness of overband magnets varies from 70 to 90% deferrization; this can be increased to higher levels through use of multiple magnetic separators in series.

Overbelt magnetic separators can be used for recovery (recycling) of ferrous particles as well as for the separation of undesired iron parts (iron pollution).

Operation / working principle

Overband magnets are placed in-line with or perpendicular to flat or trough-shaped conveyor belts. The (ferro-)magnetic particles are drawn out of the raw material flow and automatically and continuously ejected.

Separate particles
Max. installation height


Ferrite overband magnets

Suitable for thin to thick layers and do not require a control box. Very reliable and available in many belt widths. Transverse or inline installation above your conveyor belt.

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Neodymium overband magnets

Suitable for fine fractions in thin layers; also separate weakly magnetic particles. No control box required. Transverse or inline installation above conveyor belt. Also for mobile applications.

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Electro overband magnets

Electromagnetic overband magnets have a deeply penetrating magnetic field and are therefore suitable for very thick layers. A control box is required. Installation perpendicular to or in line with conveyor belt.

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