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Suspended magnets


Suspension magnets (block magnets) remove undesirable ferromagnetic (Fe) particles – such as iron and steel – from material flows containing relatively little Fe contamination. They are placed above flat or trough-shaped conveyor belts. The metal particles are drawn out of the raw material flow and held by the magnet. This results in a pure iron fraction suitable for immediate reuse (recycling).
They are used to check incoming product flows and for the protection of machines, such as shredders and sieves.
When heavy metal contamination is present, it is better to use an overbelt magnet; this type continuously carries away the iron particles.

Placement of a suspension magnet

Permanent or electromagnetic suspended magnets

The price/performance tipping point depends on the installation height, the particles to be captured (geometry and steel type) and layer thickness on the belt.
The following general guidelines apply:

  • installation height ≤200 mm: permanent
  • installation height 200 to 300 mm: electromagnetic or permanent
  • installation height ≥300 mm: electromagnetic
If it must be possible to switch off the magnet, opt for the electromagnetic suspension magnet.


Permanent suspended magnets

Removal of pieces of steel in the recycling industry or for protection of grinding mills. For installation up to 300 mm above conveyor belt.

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Electromagnetic suspended magnets

Removal of large pieces of steel from bulk flows or in the recycling industry. Suitable for larger installation heights. Can be switched on and off.

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