Ceramic industry

Magnets are important in the ceramic industry. As users' requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, the products must be completely metal-free.

Magnets prevent black speck and rust particles from occurring in the glaze and in finished products such as chamotte, quartz sand and feldspar.

When ceramic raw materials are used in the electronics industry, the use of magnets is nothing less than a technical requirement.

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Quality assurance

Magnets provide a guarantee: only the right magnets can remove single micron particles from ceramic materials.

We use very strong and specifically constructed magnetic filters for this purpose.

For convenient operation, it is also important that captured metal parts are easy to remove.

Our Easy-clean Cleanflow magnets are tremendously well suited for this.

Filtering & separation
magnets for the ceramic industry

Getting metal out of ceramics

The intensive use of raw materials results in scarcity: high quality raw materials are being used up.
Manufacturers continue to look for raw materials of lower purity and quality. Then it is important to remove even more metal particles.

Magnetic separators
This places high demands on the magnetic separators. Among others, magnetic drum separators, industrial magnetic filters and Cleanflow magnets can all be used for this purpose. They penetrate completely into the product and can remove metal particles down to 30 µm from liquids, slurry and dry powders.

Permanent product control
With a number of types, this can even be done completely automatically and without production losses. The magnets ensure continuous monitoring of your products and, thanks to their ingenious design and robust construction, require virtually no maintenance.

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