Getting metal out of cocoa

Nails or other metal objects among cocoa beans cause considerable damage to sieves or crushers resulting in costly production downtime.

Iron contamination can end up in the product stream both during the acceptance of raw cocoa beans and the processing of the end product. This happens during the harvest, in the process itself or during packaging.

Magnets prevent this and filter undesired iron particles of all sizes from cocoa beans, among other things.

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Intake or bean unloading

Various types of magnet systems are suitable for removing metal contamination. During the intake or bean unloading where there is a lot of iron, a magnetic drum separator removes the unwanted parts from the bulk bean flow.

When there is little iron, we install a bullet magnet, cascade magnet, plate magnet or external pole magnet. This is done before the cocoa beans are ground up into powder.

Magnetic filtering
magnetic separators for cocoa

Powder line or sugar intake

In the powder line and the sugar intake, external pole magnets capture unwanted iron particles from the product flow. These magnets are also suitable for so-called cake dump, after the cocoa has been pressed and when large pieces of cake come out of the press.

Magnetic grids or rotating Cleanflow magnets remove iron particles after grinding the cocoa cake. The magnet choice depends on the expected particle size of the undesirable iron particles. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Final check

During final inspection of the cocoa powder we use rotating Cleanflow magnets. This guarantees the quality of your end product and your good reputation.

The rotating movement of the magnetic bars ensures that the fatty cocoa powder does not accumulate on the rods and remain stuck to them.

Automatic discontinuously cleaning - Dust-proof - Rotating
Rotating Cleanflow magnet for cocoa powder


For liquid chocolate our double-walled magnetic filters are an excellent choice. They capture very fine iron particles from liquid chocolate, cocoa butter or cocoa liqueur.

The filters are intended for application under pressure. The double wall allows us to send a warm liquid that prevents coagulation in the wall.

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