Getting metal out of industrial liquids

Industrial liquids such as lubricating oil, solvents and coolant contain very small iron particles as small as 1 micron that end up in the liquid during the course of the process.

The presence of these iron particles causes damage to machines and tools, which can lead to machine downtime. Magnets prevent this problem.

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The solution

Magnetic filters remove iron particles from lubricating oil, solvents and coolants. They reduce damage to machines and tools and prevent machine downtime.

Moreover, the use of magnets increases the lifespan of other filters present in the process and of the industrial liquids themselves.

Magnetic filters for pressure lines
magnetic filter for industrial liquids and coolants

Magnetic filter

We can place the magnetic filter before or after a candle filter. Before to extend the service life of the candle filter, or after for separation of the finest iron particles from 1 micron.

The magnet is oriented parallel to the main flow, which means that filtering takes place continuously, without stopping the main flow.

Unlike other filters, the recently developed magnetic filter requires no flushing fluid. Consequently there is very little loss of the original fluid and a very pure iron fraction.

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