Office and warehouse

The office is a place where everyone collects and shares lots of information. Warehouses require clear directions. Goudsmit has come up with practical magnetic solutions, for daily use.

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Sturdy magnets that organize and hold anything you like on steel cabinets, desks, or door and window frames.

Magnetic hooks and wall magnets, specially made for steel walls that may not be damaged by drilling or screwing. But also for presentation and planning: memo magnets, magnetic strip, and letters for whiteboards.

Mounting magnets
magnetic paint hook

Warehouse and logistics

For your logistics organization, Goudsmit has developed magnets to quickly and easily organise your warehouse.

Such as magnetic labels, with or without bar codes, signboards, profiles and labels. All easy to place, write on and replace.

Magnetic sheet, tape & ferrous sheet
Warehouse magnets

More information?

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