Stand and interior construction

Fast, flexible, strong and scratch-free attachment of various items is particularly important for stand & interior construction. Various magnets provide the perfect solution. 

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Attachment to walls

We have pot magnets with various attachment options for the semi-permanent attachment of retention walls and acoustic panels or the hanging of displays and lighting.

The magnet has a rubber coating to prevent scratches. This also ensures that the magnet does not slide down.

Surveillance cameras, smoke detectors and lighting fixtures can also be securely affixed to wall or ceiling with pot magnets. Also suitable for radiator or façade panels or curtains.

Mounting magnets
wall magnets


When it comes to the renovation of ceilings, covering holes or eliminating unsightly damage to the ceiling grid, the magnetic tape is an ideal solution. It is available in various widths. The magnetic tape is also suitable as a plinth.

The self-adhesive magnetic tape is an excellent solution for the simple application of window decorations, fly screens or wall covering panels. No drilling or screwing – frames remain intact.

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