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Short description

Injection moulding is usually used to join magnets and plastics without gluing. This is a technically advanced solution that requires precision moulds and magnets. Goudsmit has what it takes.

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  • Often-used method
  • Suitable for materials with low melting point
  • Low cost price and quick cycle time
  • Multiple moulds possible
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Injection moulding of magnets

Detailed product description

Injection moulding of magnets is a forming technique for thermoplastics, thermosetting polymers and metals with a low melting point.
In the injection moulding process we melt plastic, supplied as a granulate or powder, to form a fluid mass and then inject it at high pressure into a mould in which the cavity has the shape of the desired product. As it cools the plastic solidifies, resulting in the desired product.
An advantage of a thinner product is that the cost price can be kept low and products cool off more quickly, making it possible to attain a cycle time of just seconds.

Multiple-cavity moulds are also used, which is to say that a single mould contains several cavities of the same shape, making it possible to produce a large number of the same product during each cycle.

Injection moulding is one of the most commonly used forming techniques for plastic parts and makes it possible to produce complex products. Due to the relatively high cost of making a mould, however, injection moulding of magnets is only suitable for high volume production.

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