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Short description

Ideally, the border runs exactly between the north and south poles and perpendicular to the north-south axis. With the 3D fluxmeter we measure the actual angular deviation.

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  • Measures the polarization direction in X, Y and Z
  • Calculates the angular deviation
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Detailed product description

The 3D fluxmeter uses a Helmholtz coil to measure the polarization of a magnet in three dimensions. The software collects all the data and calculates the magnetic moment in the X, Y and Z axis directions (polarization direction). It then determines the deviation from the predefined specifications. All measurements can be documented in a report.

In consultation with the customer, this ensures we deliver magnets that fall within a pre-agreed maximum angular deviation. A sensor, for example, must not respond too early, and certainly not too late. Therefore the accuracy of the division between north and south poles is important.