Gluing magnet assemblies

Quality of magnet assemblies through a controlled gluing process.

Important factors for achieving good adhesive bonding are the choice of glue and a carefully controlled gluing process. Due to our years of experience, we know how to apply this like no other.

Magnet assembly by gluing | Goudsmit Magnetics

What is important when gluing magnets properly?

The right glue, the right dosage and the curing process determine the quality.

In contrast to welding and soldering, gluing is a joining technique that is suitable for bonding almost all materials together. Heating the materials to be connected is usually not necessary during the gluing process.


Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how to apply this joining technique to magnets and components like no other.


The gluing process consists of:

  • cleaning the surface
  • preparing the surface
  • applying the glue
  • the chemical reaction of the glue

How do we control optimal glue processes?

RobofrOK stands for First Run OK and is the name of our dedicated production area. Here we produce magnet systems and magnet components using glue connections.

The gluing process of the magnets occurs at a constant temperature and with the correct humidity. Additionally, applying the glue under constant pressure is important for the quality of the glue connection.


  • Gluing magnets creates reliable connections. To utilize the properties and the processing in the right way, you need specialists.


Through various production methods, material choices and magnetic alloys, we produce custom-made magnet assemblies. To produce cost-effectively, our specialists have studied the gluing processes and know how to minimize failures and rejects. By partnering with the right suppliers and sharing knowledge, we know all the properties of this specific connection method.


Interested in glued magnet components?

Take advantage of our knowledge, skills and expertise in gluing magnets and magnet components into quality products.

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Safe and reliable magnets

Reliability, quality and safety start at the source.

That’s why we work with a network of inspected and certified manufacturers and suppliers. We hold the following certificates: ISO 9001; IATF16949; AS9120. We guarantee the traceability of all our magnets.


Magnets that:

  • meet the right magnetic specifications
  • are high-quality and reliable
  • are certified and inspected


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