Injection moulding of magnet assemblies

Injection moulding is a manufacturing technique that merges magnets and plastics without adhesives. This enables us to produce large numbers of complex products in which magnets are integrated.

Magnet assembly by injection moulding | Goudsmit Magnetics

Low cost for large quantities

Injection moulding is one of the most common techniques used to shape plastic parts.

Making a die is costly and therefore injection moulding is only suitable for large production quantities. With multiple dies, with many identical shapes in the same die, we can make series production profitable.


Injection moulding is especially suitable for materials with a low melting point, such as thermoplastics and thermoharders with various metals.



Interested in injection moulding of magnet parts?

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Safe and reliable magnets

Reliability, quality and safety start at the source.

That’s why we work with a network of inspected and certified manufacturers and suppliers. We hold the following certificates: ISO 9001; IATF16949; AS9120. We guarantee the traceability of all our magnets.


Magnets that:

  • meet the right magnetic specifications
  • are high-quality and reliable
  • are certified and inspected


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