Permanent magnets

We supply permanent and plastic-bonded magnets made of ferrite, neodymium, samarium-cobalt and AlNiCo. Strong magnets that meet the right magnetic specifications, are reliable and of high-quality.

That is why we work with a network of inspected and certified manufacturers and suppliers of permanent magnets. We guarantee the traceability of all our magnets.

We guarantee quality through our ISO 9001, IATF16949 and AS9120 certifications.

  • Many dimensions and designs
  • Available in various qualities
  • Meet international standards on material safety
  • IATF16949 and AS9120 certified
  • Products and process applied with APQP PPAP

Permanent magnets

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Our permanent magnets are manufactured to the highest quality standards:

AS9120, IATF16494, VDA 6.3, RoHs and REACH-compliant.

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