Samarium cobalt magnets

Samarium cobalt Sm-Co magnets are the best choice for high temperatures applications. They have an operating temperature of up to 350 ⁰C. This magnet grade has excellent stable magnetic properties.

Samarium Cobalt magnets SmCo

What are the applications of this second strongest magnet type?

Sm-Co magnets are used in medical implants and prostheses, sensors, bearings, motors and instruments.

They have a high magnetic force of up to 30 MGOe and excellent stable magnetic properties over a wide temperature range. SmCo magnets are also extremely resistant to demagnetization and corrosion.

  • Samarium cobalt is the strongest magnet grade after neodymium.



What type of samarium cobalt should you choose for your application?

Samarium cobalt magnets are anti-isotropic.
We distinguish between two types of samarium cobalt magnets: SmCo 1:5 and SMCO 2:17.

The composition of these types of magnets is different and therefore so is the maximum operating temperature, energy density and price. In magnets with a SMCO 2:17 composition, these values are higher.


Want to know what this means for your product?


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Samarium cobalt magnet grades and properties

Overview of different qualities and properties of permanent samarium cobalt magnets:

SmCo magnet grades

What should you take into account when using this magnet type?

Samarium cobalt magnets are very brittle. This is an important property. Therefore, application of this magnet grade deserves extra attention to avoid costly design errors.

Using a coating or applying cobalt samarium in a magnet assembly improves magnet performance.

  • Prevents splintering.
  • Ensures better adhesion when soldering.
  • Makes the magnet easier to clean.
  • Provides better hygiene in medical applications.


Another solution is to use a samarium cobalt pot magnet. More information on this can be found on the pot magnets page.


The geometry of the magnet ultimately determines the magnetic properties.

potmagnets SmCO samarium cobalt

Why do we use samarium cobalt for technically high-quality products?

The raw material for samarium cobalt magnets is costly compared to ferrite magnets, for example. But this magnet type has a mixture of very favourable properties.

High thermal stability and high magnetic force are factors that contribute to technically high-quality products. Sustainability in relation to price is crucial here.


For high-quality, high-tech products, choose samarium cobalt magnets for these four specific features:

  1. high Curie temperature
  2. excellent magnetic stability over a wide temperature range
  3. high magnetic force
  4. excellent corrosion and demagnetization resistance

Because there are many possibilities with SmCo magnets, our team is happy to help you make the right choice. Send us your request for samarium cobalt magnets.

How do we ensure manufacturability, reliable quality and stable supply?

The magnetic properties of each magnetic alloy are different. Many manufacturers deliver a quality that does not meet the requirements you set.

Over half a century, we have built up a strong network of controlled and certified manufacturers. In addition, we are IATF and AS9120 certified. We assess in advance whether your magnet can be made and whether the desired properties are measurable.


In addition to manufacturability, reliability and quality, it is also important that you receive a magnet with a stable price and delivery time.


Magnets that:

  • meet the right magnetic specifications
  • are high-quality and reliable
  • are certified and inspected


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