Overband magnets

For installation above conveyor belts in the bulk transshipment or recycling industries.
Overband magnetic separators - also called conveyor belt magnets or magnetic separator conveyor belts - remove ferrous particles from raw materials and carry them away automatically and continuously.
A reliable and effective method for separating large amounts of iron.

  • Easy to install
  • Continuous automatic cleaning
  • Ferrite, neodymium or electromagnet
  • For belt width 400-1600 mm
  • Different types for mobile or fixed installations

Overband magnets

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An overband magnet effectively and quickly separates high volumes of iron or steel and hangs above a flat or trough-shaped conveyor belt - in line or cross belt magnet. An overband magnetic separator is self-cleaning and continuously draws ferro parts from a material flow.


The iron removal efficiency of overband magnets ranges from 70 to 90%. This depends on magnet design, product flow and placement.

Recycling expert

Erik is one of our experts in the area of metal separation. He is happy to help.


Erik Kuenen

International Sales Manager

Erik is sales manager and has more than 20 years experience in the recycling industry.

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