Goudsmit makes magnetic sweeper for festival grounds

Magnetic broom for metal | Goudsmit Magnetics

For large music festivals and events at festival grounds, Goudsmit Magnetics makes magnetic sweepers that sweep up tent stakes, nails, bottle caps and other sharp metal objects from the ground. Both festival grounds and the adjacent camping areas are blanketed with waste after everyone goes home. A company specialized in event cleaning, like Webu, deploys a team of experts in several passes. First they blow the waste into a huge mountain as best they can, and then they loosen remaining material from the ground with rakes and brooms. 

Magnetic sweeper made to order
Next a 2.20-metre-wide sweeper is attached to the back of a New Holland tractor that combs the grounds at a speed of 10 km per hour. The magnetic sweeper is custom made and has the same track width as the tractor. It contains a strong ferrite magnet with a holding field depth of approximately 18 cm in which all the pieces stick to it. The sweeper can be cleaned quickly by means of two levers that rotate the magnet away from the stainless steel plate, releasing the pieces of ferrous metal which then fall into a container.

Waste separation
A useful form of waste separation that contributes to a green economy. In some cases the metal waste can be sold and the rest of the waste goes to a special incinerator that converts waste into green energy. Moreover, removing sharp pieces of metal also prevents injuries – bare feet! – during a future event.

In addition to festival grounds, magnetic sweepers are also suitable for cleaning workshops, warehouses and other indoor or outdoor areas where pieces of metal are left behind.

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