Orientation magnet: a great example of magnet technology

Magnetic nail aligner | Goudsmit Magnetics

Take a big handful of large nails and drop them into a box that they should just be able to fit in. This gives you a picture of the problem faced by many manufacturers of this type of product: efficient packaging. Nails, bolts and other long metal products that are simply dropped into a box take up approximately 30 to 40% more space than when the same products are neatly lined up like in a box of matches. Carefully packaged products yield volume gains and are presented more attractively.

Packaging manufacturers supply systems that make this possible. Goudsmit Magnetics constructs the orientation magnets they use.

Complete packaging lines
Packaging lines for the metal industry and others make it possible to package nails, nuts, bolts and washers in a certain way. This is done according to the customer's specifications and wishes. Goudsmit magnet systems are used at three different places in these packaging lines. First, magnetic feed conveyors lift the metal parts. This happens over distances of 2 to 3 metres, vertically. The advantage of this is that the products are transported in a way that is clean, fast and safe. It is important that the products come off the belt quickly, which means that not much time is needed to change to other product types. This keeps changeover times to a minimum. See how it works in this video.

Aligning with an electromagnet
Another use of Goudsmit magnets is to align products during packaging. In order to obtain the smallest possible packaging volume, the products are ‘aligned’ by electromagnets as they are dropped off the conveyor belt into the packaging. This means that they all end up in the same direction in the packaging, which reduces the volume by about 40%. These magnetic aligners developed by Goudsmit are capable of handling around 36 packages per minute.

Short changeover times
The changeover times of such alignment magnets are short. This is an advantage for companies that want to package a variety of products on the same day. They do not package the same quantities all day long. This means that it must be possible to quickly reconfigure the aligner from one product to another before packaging. Short changeover times mean time and money savings.

After the metal parts – like nails, bolts or nuts – are packed in boxes, there is a chance that the products themselves have also been magnetized. This is the third place a Goudsmit solution is used: the products in the packaging pass through a demagnetizing tunnel and then no longer stick together.

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