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Brainport industries

Goudsmit Magnetic joined Brainport Industries in 2015. Brainport brings together suppliers so they can share knowledge and experience for the benefit of the entire high-tech supply chain. This strengthens the position of high-tech suppliers and gives them all the resources and knowledge they need to make high quality products and ensure quality.

Goudsmit meets all the requirements and selection criteria for membership in Brainport. The company is a supplier of permanent magnets to the automotive, electronics and medical industries, among others. The open supply chain created by Brainport gives Goudsmit the opportunity to become involved in the development of machines for OEMs and others, both much earlier and for much longer in the development process. Combining resources, knowledge and development with those of other parties results in innovative products in the areas of high-tech systems & materials, food, automotive, ‘lifetec’ and design and offers suppliers such as Goudsmit additional advantages, such as access to foreign markets.

Brainport also answers the need for knowledge development in the areas of chain management and optimisation. The competences of the participating companies are reviewed regularly.

brainport industries