Brainport Industries

Goudsmit Magnetics is a member of Brainport Industries and, together with other suppliers, shares experience and knowledge for the entire Hightech supply chain.

Hightech suppliers strengthen their position through Brainport membership. In addition, they have all the resources and knowledge at their disposal to make high-end products and ensure quality.


Goudsmit meets all the selection criteria for membership of Brainport. We supply permanent magnets to, among others, the automotive, electronics and medical industries.

The ‘Open Supply Chain’ created by Brainport gives us the opportunity to become involved in the development of machines for OEMs and others, both much earlier and for much longer in the development process.


Innovative products
Joining forces in the areas of resources, knowledge and development results in innovative products in the field of Hightech Systems & Materials, Food, Automotive, Recycling, Lifetec and Design. It also offers suppliers like us access to foreign markets. 

Brainport also answers the need for knowledge development in the areas of chain management and optimization. They regularly assess the competences of the participating companies.

Goudsmit and other members can be found in this overview:

Our expertise can also be found on Qualified Technology, one of Brainport Industries’ collectives.

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