Certification & quality

We strive to be a trusted supplier of high-quality magnets and assemblies for you. The certifications below help us in this respect. They give you the assurance that we meet the requirements.


Quality management system requirements

The globally recognized NEN-EN-ISO 9001 certification ensures quality control. In this way, we can give you the assurance that the magnet products we make meet your requirements.


This is only achieved by continuously monitoring and improving our processes.

You can find our accredited ISO9001 certification here.


For a more detailed description, please refer to the certifications and memberships page in our knowledge base.

ISO 9001 Quality assurance | Goudsmit Magnetics


Quality certificate for automotive products

The IATF quality certificate along with ISO 9001 certification make us a stable and reliable supplier for, among others, the automotive industry.


You can find our accredited IATF certification here.


For a more detailed description, please refer to the  certifications and memberships page in our knowledge base.

ISO/TS 16949 certification | Goudsmit Magnetics


Magnetic systems are often placed in a space where dust explosions could occur. This means that the magnet system itself, of course, may not be a source of ignition.

Therefore, working in an explosive environment requires guidelines and measures.

It is not only equipment and products that have to comply. Employees should also know how to work safely within explosive zones.

ATEX and IECEx are quality certificates for equipment manufacturers and users. Knowing how hazardous situations arise and excluding them by checking whether products, equipment, working environment and employees meet the set requirements.

  • Skilled in the area of electro-technical explosion safety.

We have the relevant certifications. Our magnet systems are ATEX certified.


  • An externally certified quality assurance system is required for manufacturers of ATEX equipment.

Goudsmit is one of the few companies in the magnet industry to possess the IECEx certification.


Mechanical sparks and dust explosions.
Detecting and removing unwanted objects prevents mechanical sparks causing dust explosions. With the right magnet systems for bulk goods, we can make this happen.



ATEX certificate | Goudsmit Magnetics


Certificate for internal process audits. Requirement of the automotive industry in Germany. 

This means we are certified to audit the quality of our processes for testing and measuring certain magnetic properties.


In addition to manufacturing quality components, the production process itself is important. In the long term, it must be demonstrated that both comply with the standard.

  • Since 2015, we have had the knowledge and skills to conduct audits ourselves in accordance with the VDA6.3 standard.

With VDA6.3 we offer more. For example, in the preparation phase of a project, we establish the potential risks. These will be given extra attention during the audit. In the reports that we then create, we describe what improvements are needed to create a perfectly controlled production process.


VDA.3 certification | Goudsmit Magnetics