The permagraph captures the exact magnetic properties. The correct magnet specifications ensure the best results.

Because accuracy is paramount.

Magnetic properties measurment by permagraph | Goudsmit Magnetics

What magnetic properties are important to you?

By determining the magnetic properties of permanent magnets, we gain insight in the quality of our product in the design phase.

Using the permagraph, we determine whether magnetic materials meet the required specifications.


For example, during a measurement process we change the magnetic field strength. The permagraph, in the meantime, collects all information about the magnetic flux of the magnet and generates the hysteresis curve, also known as BH curve.

  • A hysteresis curve shows the relationship between the ïinduced flux density -B and the magnetic field strength -H.

The BH curve provides insight into the following magnetic properties:

  • remanence, Br
  • coercivity HcJ and HcB
  • energy product BHmax


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