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Magnetic grippers

Magnetic grippers are efficient End Of Arm tooling for robots and cobots. They can move heavy ferrous workpieces of various shapes and weights. Grippers are also reliable clamping tools for holding steel workpieces securely in place in welding jigs and production machines.

Improve your production or assembly process with a gripper with pneumatic or electric switching. Goudsmit grippers can be switched on and off quickly. The powerful magnet technology holds the workpiece securely in place, even at high accelerations. It is even possible to combine magnetic gripping with vacuum technology. With the right gripper, your operations will run significantly more efficiently.

Goudsmit end effectors have been developed with a keen eye for durability, energy efficiency and safety in the workplace. Magnetic grippers are fail-safe thanks to their bistable design, which guarantees that they hold the workpiece securely. Even during emergency stops and power outages.

  • Safe handling of ferromagnetic products
  • Easy installation in your production line
  • Fast pneumatic or electronic switching
  • Energy-efficient and durable
  • Lifting power: up to 600 kg
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