Optical 3-D scanner, GOM

With the optical 3D scanner - GOM - we measure the entire geometry of a magnet component or part. Measurement technology of a whole new calibre.

Because accuracy is paramount.

Optical 3D scanner GOM | Goudsmit Magnetics

What is the benefit of the GOM measurement technique?

It captures much more data that is relevant to improve products and reduce rejects.

Data that is important to our customers. With this data:

  • we determine in the design stage if the product is correctly dimensioned and fits
  • we discover where improvement is needed
  • we make a clear measurement report, including statistical data


The GOM optical 3D scanner is an advanced measuring instrument that literally adds a new dimension to measurement technology.


Instead of just single points, it measures the entire geometry of an object. Accurately recorded in a point cloud or polygon net.

Our engineers optimize the design process using exact measurement data. This saves time and money.



Magnet components with stable quality are required for delivery to the aerospace industry.


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