Overbelt magnets for mobile shredders

Neodymium overband magnet with shredder | Goudsmit Magnetics

Our Product Manager Magnetic Recycling Systems Leander van der Palen has noticed an increase in demand for Neodymium overbelt magnets for installation above mobile shredders. What is driving this trend? Leander explains:

‘The market for mobile shredders is really taking flight. A shredder is used to break down construction, demolition and industrial waste, electronics and ‘first world’ waste, wood, cars and other product flows. The shredder breaks this material down to a certain size, after which you have a residue. For example, automotive shredder residue. A lot of this shredded material is iron, consisting of magnetic and non-magnetic material.’


Light and compact
Leander continues: ‘It is important that the first bulk iron parts released are immediately separated from the product flow. We can accomplish this by hanging a magnet across the shredder’s discharge belt. Because the capacity of the shredders is relatively high – a lot of material processed in a short time – this has to be a strong overbelt magnet. Neodymium overbelt magnets have a deep holding field and are both compact and lightweight.

Mobile shredder
This is important, because the magnet hangs in a frame and this assembly may not be too heavy on a mobile shredder. The power-to-weight ratio is favourable, and such magnets have a compact construction and are mounted in a maintenance-free stainless steel housing. In addition, such overbelt magnets are driven be a strong hydraulic motor powered by the oil flow produced by the shredder itself. This also contributes to the compact construction and low weight.’


Belt wear
Leander adds: ‘With a neodymium overbelt magnet the magnetic attraction force is such that it better pulls the iron out of the material and can better carry it away. The downside is that this results in extra belt wear. Following the recommendation of our conveyor belt supplier, we therefore have an impact reducing layer bonded between the cleats of such belts.’


Nuts and ball bearings
Leander: ‘At the Recycling trade fair in Gorinchem we received special feedback from one of our customers: ‘A lot of people in the recycling industry think “a magnet is a magnet”, but I'm finding out this is not the case. Goudsmit has a lot of experience with magnets for various industries, including food and handling, and the neodymium magnets really capture much more than normal magnets, such as ferrite models. Nuts and ball bearings are tricky products, but even they are captured flawlessly. Moreover, the belt’s sealing system is perfectly designed, so no iron parts come between the belt and magnet. That is really outstanding!’

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