Magnetic drum separators in housing - pharma type

These 'LenaStar' pharma drum magnets have a 12,000 gauss strong neodymium magnet drum. They remove ferromagnetic particles from 0.20 µm and weak magnetic particles from 0.1 mm from your raw materials during the production process. No production stop needed. The LenaStar is very hygienically executed. Smoothly polished, sloping surfaces, dismountable parts, water-resistant, product fabric does not adhere to the surface.

  • Capture weakly magnetic particles from 0.1 mm
  • Capture Fe particles from 0.2 µm
  • Max. particle size 10 mm
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Neodymium magnet (12,000 gauss at shell)

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Product inlet size : 400 mm

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Removal of weakly- and paramagnetic contaminants

The 'LenaStar' pharma type drum magnets in housing can be used in free-fall pipelines, or after a vibrating chute. Due to their extremely strong magnetic drum of 12,000 gauss, they remove the smallest ferromagnetic, or even weakly magnetic and paramagnetic contaminants.


For removal of weakly and paramagnetic particles, it is essential that you feed the material in a single layer, through a vibratory chute. You can then remove stainless steel wear particles, or paramagnetic particles from powder-dried raw materials, among others.


Metal separation

The LenaStar is a very advanced magnetic separation system, developed and produced by Goudsmit in collaboration with a Japanese partner. This advanced system removes ferromagnetic and paramagnetic metal particles from food ingredients and additives, chemicals and pigments. It can also remove stones, mud and insect excrement from dried granular products such as vegetables, fruits, soups, seeds, pasta, spices, nuts or tea. The paramagnetic properties of many soil types are the cause of the insect excrements - which mainly end up in herbs and tea - becoming magnetic.


Only this super strong LenaStar drum magnet is capable of demonstrating that food products are contaminated with undesirable particles of this type that the consumer ingests unknowingly.


Quality requirements

The stringent quality requirements in Japan make it necessary for companies there to adhere to the highest standards in precision detection. More than 50 leading producers of food products for the Japanese market (including Fuji Foods, Nissin Foods, House Foods Corporation (one of the largest spice producers in Japan), Twinnings, Unilever and Kellog's) have already chosen the LenaStar. This high Japanese quality standard is magnetic separator is now also available for you.



  • Fitted in a hygienic stainless steel housing that has flanges which can be mounted to a product channel.
  • Simple operation, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Completely cleanable with water and even steam (water-resistant version).
  • Product dust does not adhere to surface.
  • Compact unit, easy to integrate into existing process.

Drum magnet separator for pharma applications - working | Goudsmit Magnetics

Several dimensions and executions available

These 'LenaStar' pharma drum magnets in housing have an extra high-class hygienic design ánd they are equipped with a super strong 12,000 gauss magnetic drum. As a result, they filter even the smallest ferrous, weakly and even paramagnetic particles, such as: stones, mud, insect excrement, from your dried raw materials (eg tea, herbs).


Other types:

  • Our basic type drum magnets in housing are suitable for high capacity coarser raw materials like granules and fibres in the plastics and ceramics industries. The magnetic drum is only available in 3000 gauss magnetic strength, which is sufficient in most cases.
  • Our food type drum magnets in housing have a hygienic design to prevent against bacterial growth. Food type drum magnets are available by default in magnetic strengths 3000, 6000 and 9000 gauss. This enables them to filter larger to smaller ferrous and even weakly magnetic particles.

Magnetic drum separators in housing - overview | Goudsmit Magnetics

Available versions, options & accessories

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Drum magnet separator for pharma applications - working | Goudsmit Magnetics

Filtering & discharging of magnetic contaminants

A drum magnet continuously and fully automatically separates ferrous particles, such as iron, steel and stainless steel.


A drum magnet is a stationary (180°) magnet segment, with a stainless steel rotating drum. The magnet attracts magnetic particles that are in the product. The drum carries the attached particles with it to the bottom of the drum. There the particles drop off and can be collected and carried away. For strongly magnetic particles, carriers are placed on the drum to ‘push’ the particles out of the magnetic field.


The advantage of a drum magnet is that it is a continuous cleaning/separating system, in which it is not necessary to stop the product flow to remove the magnetic particles.


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