Redesign for eddy current separator

Eddy-Current non-ferrous separation | Goudsmit Magnetics

The complete line of eccentric eddy current, non-ferrous separators from Goudsmit has been redesigned for reduced cost and technical improvements. The goal was improved ease of use, durability and ROI (return on investment). Special focus was placed on the frame, accessibility for service and the magnetic rotors. The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) method was used to analyse customer needs and market trends.

High quality level
Based on this results the machine was then completely redeveloped and optimized, but with the understanding that no compromises would be made as concerns separation requirements, finish level and quality. Buyers of the Eddy-Current separators can expect the same grade/recovery performance and the same high level of quality at a considerably lower purchase price. Separators of this type are used to remove non-ferrous metals from material streams such as incinerator slags, shredder residues, glass, wood, construction and demolition waste, electronic scrap or household waste.

Magnetic rotor
The eccentric magnetic rotor can be adjusted to different angles relative to the outer shell, which affects the ejection moment of the non-ferrous metals. Because the magnetic rotor is mounted off-centre in the outer shell, iron particles cannot adhere to the outer shell; this prevents burn-in problems. Applications of Eddy-Current separators include: household waste (shredded), incinerator slags from household waste, WEEE scrap, glass recycling, heavy and light shredder residues (e.g. Auto Shredder Residue), wood and/or chipboard recycling.

The non-ferrous separators are available in different types, categorized by fraction size. The EddyCan® contains a 10-pole magnetic rotor (up to 150 Hz) and is suitable for separation of aluminium cans and coarse particles from lightweight (<350 kg/m3) bulk and recycling streams. The EddyXpert®, fitted with a 12-pole magnetic rotor (up to 300 Hz), is suitable for coarse fractions containing particles 80 mm and larger.

The version with an 18-pole magnetic rotor (up to 450 Hz) is suitable for standard 20-80 mm fractions, and that with the 22HI-pole magnetic rotor (up to 733 Hz) is suitable for fine (0-20 mm) fractions. The EddyFines® contains a 38-pole magnetic rotor (up to 1140 Hz) and is suitable for fine (0-5 mm) fractions. Available machine widths: 600 / 800 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 mm.

In addition to the standard versions, every effort will be made to accommodate specific requirements for non-standard applications.

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