Goudsmit builds world's first hydraulic eddy-current separator

Hydro driven Eddy-current non-ferrous separator | Goudsmit Magnetics

Goudsmit collaborated with TRS – Tuip Recycling Solutions BV of Akersloot, The Netherlands – to supply a very special mobile eddy current separator to a service provider for an aluminium smelter in Norway. This is the very first hydraulically driven, mobile non-ferrous separator ever built. It is used to process aluminium slags and refines the aluminium from these slags. This makes it possible to reuse the high-quality aluminium as a new raw material.

Mobile and hydraulically driven
Leander van der Palen, expert in magnetic recycling systems, explains what made this project so special: “The customer wanted an eddy current separator that was mobile and hydraulically driven, because it would be used in a building with an extremely dusty environment. Therefore, the separator had to be able to withstand harsh conditions, yet require little maintenance.”

Harsh conditions
Our engineering department partnered with TRS to design a separator built using galvanized steel for all the most critical frame parts. This material stands up well to harsh conditions and requires little maintenance. The vibration motor, conveyor belt drive and eddy current rotor are all entirely hydraulically driven, so the complete drive system is resistant to the dusty environment.

Stepping away from a conventional electric motor and getting the magnetic rotor up to speed took an intense development process, carried out by our own engineering team. We are proud to have successfully introduced the first fully hydraulic non-ferrous separator on the market.


Aluminium slags
The 1500 mm wide 3800 HI separator processes 40 tonnes of material per hour and was built with a 3000 gauss neodymium drum magnet that removes the ferrous fraction from the flow so the EC separator can fully concentrate on the non-ferrous metals. The product is a relatively coarse fraction, ranging from 10 to 150 mm. Beyond aluminium slags, we could also build these separators for incinerator bottom ash (IBA), shredder residues, scrap and more.

Leander continues, “Since the separator had to be mobile, the project was a complete concept developed and built by TRS. They integrated our separator into a mobile machine that folds out and is operational within ten minutes. It was a real team effort that resulted in this impressive machine. This film shows how it works.”

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