EHEDG Magnetic filter with CIP/SIP cleaning for food

EHEDG magnetic filter with CIP cleaning | Goudsmit Magnetics

For the demanding food industry, we have developed a hygienic magnetic filter suitable for CIP/SIP installations. The filter is composed of strong Neodymium magnets that ensure effective separation of very small ferrous particles from 15µm onwards, weakly magnetic particles and even iron dust from sticky substances such as cocoa, pastes, powders or fruit juices. The magnet has a maximum flux density of 11,300 gauss on the bars and removes said particles from both liquid and powdered products. It is possible to operate the magnet pneumatically, eliminating the need to open the filter housing for cleaning. The entire system is made of stainless steel 316, smooth finish (Ra≤0.4ųm) and is EHEDG certified. This is how the magnetic filter works.

CIP/SIP cleaning (Cleaning-in-Place/Sterilizing-in-Place)
Cleaning of the magnet is done automatically. When production is stopped, the magnet is pneumatically 'blown' to the off position, after which the ferritic particles fall off the magnetic bar. Cleaning can take place simultaneously with the CIP/SIP process. A separate cleaning cycle disposes of the captured ferritic parts with the rinsing agent. After this additional cleaning, the complete CIP/SIP process can take place. This prevents iron particles from entering the product elsewhere later. 

For pressure pipelines
The housing is constructed so that no product is left behind after cleaning. The magnetic filter can be used in tubes or pipelines in the foodstuffs sector for deferrization of products transported under pressure. Even the smallest iron particles can be filtered out of sticky substances (chocolate, pastes, powders or fruit juices) in this way; these particles are normally carried away again by the raw material flow. Installing a metal detector does not solve the ferrous problem because it cannot recognise smaller metal particles. The hygienic magnetic filter is available in various standard sizes. 

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